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Kawakawa, Upoko, Tupakihi - Oil gift pack

Kawakawa, Upoko, Tupakihi - Oil gift pack

Te Ao Whetu Marama
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Kawakawa, Upoko, Tupakihi - Oil gift pack

#1 Kawakawa Panipani

Apply to skin, excellent healer for all skin ailments, Eczema and Itchy skin.

#2 Upoko

Organic handcrafted hair, scalp treatment product.

It helps moisturize hair also helps with hair growth.

Has anti-inflammatory properties to it, it can help get rid of your itchy, dry scalp and then keep your hair healthy. 

Anti-bacterial as well as antifungal properties in it, which can, of course, provide aid in dandruff and even scalp infections. 

With its rich mix of vitamins, minerals, moisture, helps protect moisture levels in dry hair.

#3 Tupakihi
apply to sprains & sore muscles. NOT for consumption or to be applied to broken skin. External use only. Keep out of reach of children.