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Self Isolation Quarantine Pack

Self Isolation Quarantine Pack

Natures Therapeutics - TANE Mens Collection
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1x Kumarahou Elixir 30ml

1x Kawakawa Decongestant Rub 30mg

1x Kawakawa Hand Sanitiser 50ml

Kūmarahou and Kawakawa are among nature’s powerhouse botanicals that have been used by Māori for generations.

Kūmarahou is well renowned for helping improve respiratory system conditions.

Kawakawa among other things, is diaphoretic – which can be helpful in expelling toxins and pathogens via the skin promoting recovery from viral infections.

Our SIQ Pack is not to be viewed as a preventative or cure for COVID-19, however these products may help make people who have COVID-19 a little more comfortable whilst they isolate and recover.