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Collection: Mana Whenua

He korero ma Heeni Hoterene
Iwi - Nga Puhi, Ngati Hine, Ngati Raukawa ki te tonga, Nga Tahu
Maramataka expert, Mama of 4 Mokopuna o Te Tiriti o Waitangi.

Maramataka Maori is the rise and fall of the Maori lunar cycle. Our tupuna (ancestors) were keen observers of their environment, they needed to survive! It was simply a waste of time to go fishing and not catch anything!

Our tupuna spent 1000’s of years observing the Taiao (environment) and passing on their knowledge of it to each successive generation.

This is perhaps the first generation that maramataka has not been practiced. Our mission is to revive this practice to ensure our whanau are aware and connected.

The environment is constantly moving within a natural cycle – whetu (stars), Moana (sea) tides, fish, Whenua (land) birds, fruiting of trees and production of seeds. (show symbols from calendar, nga tohu key)

The moon is a easily identifiable indicator of this natural cycle. (show moon symbol)
If the marama has a effect on our natural world and can move the tides, does it then have a effect on us as humans? Of course it does pataihia ki nga wahine (ask any women!)

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